#1 Best International TV Series of the Decade


Prisoners of War

Seventeen years ago, a reserve unit was sent deep into Lebanon for a secret operation to apprehend a senior ranking terrorist. The operation failed an...


By Mili Avital

What does language reveal about culture differences? In the global economy, we are increasingly asked to communicate with people whose assumptions and expectations we know little about. Using five key words that exist in Hebrew — but not English — I will show how the two cultures have very different ideas about space, hierarchy, time, and law and order.

Mili Avital

Mili Avital is an Israeli - American actress, writer, director and producer, who started her international career at the age of 17, at the Cameri Theater of Tel-Aviv. For her first feature film, she won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Beyond the Sea, 1991. Shortly after moving to New York, in 1993, she was cast as a lead in StargateAmong her work in the US, she starred in Dead Man (Dir. Jim Jarmousch), Kissing a Fool (dir. Doug Ellin), The Human Stain (Dir. Robert Benton), Arabian Nights (ABC), and recurring role on Law and Order (NBC).