Mili Avital is an Israeli - American actress, writer, director and producer, who has had an international career, beginning in the Cameri Theater of Tel-Aviv at the age of 17. She has won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Beyond the Sea in 1991. Shortly after moving to New York, in 1993, she was cast in Stargate. She has maintained her career in both countries ever since.

Among her work in the US, she starred in Dead Man (Dir. Jim Jarmousch), Kissing a Fool (dir. Doug Ellin), The Human Stain (Dir. Robert Benton), Arabian Nights (ABC), and recurring role on Law and Order (NBC).

Among her work in Israel, she starred in Columbian Love, Noodle (Best Actress nomination, Israeli Academy award), Hatufim (Best supporting actress nomination, Israeli TV awards) on which the show Homeland (ABC) is based on.

As a director: I Think Myself I Am All The Time Younger, a short documentary (Tribeca Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival). She co-wrote, co-produced and directed Next Stop: A Comedy of Misconnections, which performed in NYC for three years, and recently inTel-Aviv, Los Angeles and Palo-Alto.